STC Ramadan – “Memories of the First Fast” Director’s Cut

This is a story of a young boy surviving the hardship of his very first fast while documenting its events through his social network. We would like to dedicate it to all the first time fasters. Ramadan Moubarak!

Client: STC
Agency: Y&R, Riyadh
Production House: Global Films
Executive Producers: Caroline Checrallah Sarrouh, Ziad Sarrouh
Director: Mazen Fayad
DOP: Adam Hall
Art Director: Levent Vehbi Uysal
Wardrobe: Nur Şen
Post Production: The Brightside
Computer Graphics Director: Nadine Yamout
Editor: Faisal Osman Merheb
Post Producer: Marie-Christine Melhem
Colorist: Faisal Merheb
Music and Sound design: Walid Sarrouh
Special thanks to the Turkish team at Roket Film lead by Najib Tawil and Can Ozbatur. Yağmur Aslan, Giza Kr