Bank Audi Watch2pay “The Chase”

Our director’s cut of “The Chase” from Bank Audi that honors the initial vision (artistically and technically) inspired by Sin City and the James Bond franchise – a project we comprehensively managed in every stage of original treatment, production, post-production, animation, and rotoscoping.


Client: Bank Audi
Agency: H&C Leo Burnett, Beirut
Production and Content Creation: The Brightside
Director: Mazen Fayad
Post and Animation Director: Nadine Yamout
Assistant Director: Michelle M. Hallit
DOP: Damoun Ghaoui
Producer: El Souaiby
Post-Producer: Marie-Christine Melhem
Art Director: Rawan Bazerji
Stylist: Talia Nammour
Casting: Rita D Gergess
Post Production: The Bright Side
Editor/Colorist: Faisal Osman Merheb
Animation, Compositing, Rotoscoping: Nadine Yamout, Marc Aoun
Music and Sound Design: Walid Sarrouh

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