Quaker Overnight Oats – Director’s Cut

We are extremely proud of our work on Quaker Overnight Oats, fully handling the process from A to Z – concept, full content production, gorgeous slow motion phantom shots, special effects, and post-production.

Client: Quaker Oats Arabia
Agency: Tonic UAE
Production/Post-Production: The Brightside
Director/DOP: Toni El Khazen
Producer: Myriam Abi Wardeh
Production Manager: Marie-Noel Bou Haila
Production Coordinator: Reine Youssef Farah
Assistant Director: Leia Hasrouty
Art Director: Sarah Chaoul
Wardrobe Stylist: Michella Bteiche
Special Effects: Jacques Chawich
VFX Director: Nadine Yamout
Grading/Editing: Faisal Osman Merheb
Post Producer: Marie-Christine Melhem
Audio Production: Walid Sarrouh

Music only used for Director’s cut.

Very special thanks to Mazen Fayad

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